Airsmart Remote Controls

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Airsmart Essential

The Airsmart Essential Remote Control gives you a fast, easy solution to quickly decrease your energy bills. It works through a proprietary technology and is controlled by voice through a mobile or landline phone.

So, you can easily dial a toll-free number and turn your air conditioning and heating systems on or off from anywhere you can find a dial tone or cell signal. On the way to and from work, out-of-town, or even running errands, the Airsmart Essential puts the power in your hands to be energy-smart and worry-free!

Airsmart Complete

The Airsmart Complete Remote Control is a powerful, money-saving tool which gives you complete control over your energy usage. It operates through an IP thermostat controlled by a simple phone call. Like the Airsmart Essential, it allows you to turn your heating and cooling systems on or off, but it also gives you the added benefit of changing your thermostat settings up or down any time of day from anywhere.

It's like getting all of the benefits of a programmable thermostat without all of the programming headaches. And with its exclusive Airsmart technology, it also:

  • Remembers the energy-usage patterns you choose and continues them until changed.
  • Provides a one-touch "helpline" which forwards your call to your chosen HVAC contractor anytime your system has a problem.
  • Delivers valuable money saving offers for spring and fall tune-ups and other healthy home solutions.
Air Purification Systems

All home air purification systems are not created equal. In fact several research studies have shown, some models add to your indoor air quality problems rather than help eliminate them. The IQ Air system has been proven to be the #1 Allergy Air Purifier in the world. Its filtration system virtually eliminates mold spores, pet dander, smoke odor, dust mite allergens, pollen, and other harmful indoor air particles. Protect your home today!

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